Master Data become more and more important: Why?

For quite some time now, the banking sector world-wide finds itself in a period of transition. In the past, banks often created the applications they needed for processing transactions themselves. Due to global competition causing immense pressure on operating costs, more and more banks opt to use standard software.

The renunciation of in-house developments has some advantages: on the business side, standard processes allow for a more open and service-oriented architecture, which provides economically sensible separation options of the value added chain. Also, new partnerships may be realised through various models of co-operation with commercial stock or cost-cutting potentials. In addition, convergence on core-business is boosted. From the bank’s IT point of view, there is a higher transparency of costs in the company’s transactions, it will profit from highly automated processing and individual component architecture of its products is achieved. We believe that a company is better equipped for the future with a standard-software solution than with an elaborate in-house development that binds too many resources.

On the right track with SAP

In the current report „Magic Quadrant for International Retail Core Banking“ of the Data Analyst Specialists Company, Gartner, the market leader in that field, SAP, is characterised as possessing the ability of quick implementation and comprehensive vision. SAP is therefore the ideal partner for the restructuring of software architectures.

SAP’s business partners (SAP GP-FS) represents the SAP-application for storage and administration of all of the partner’s master data. This includes individuals, organisations (bodies corporate organised under public and private law) as well as groups (non-incorporated firms and other groups) and the relations among each other.

The SAP-application provides the opportunity to adapt any standard solution to the individual requirements of the company through customised development (extension or configuration). This has become Mas-Da-Con’s area of specialisation. With Mas-Da-Con you will gain a partner with extensive specialised knowledge in the field of master data within SAP-solutions.

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