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Detailed offer: What actually do we do?

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Via as-is analysis and to-be concept we develop with your input custom-fit architecture solutions for your master data. Our service includes the design of the data model within SAP standard solutions, integration solutions for SAP in existing IT-environments as well as additional developments and extensions. Furthermore, we are offering the development of transformation concepts and their technical implementation within the framework of master data migration.


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Spot consulting

you are experiencing problems within a particular area of your master data? Then it’s also worthwhile to introduce a completely new system. With “Spot Consulting” we carry out a project check, a concept validation and a problem analysis in the area of your master data and will subsequently help you to find an appropriate IT-solution for your company.


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what use is the best IT-equipment, if your staff is not proficient in using the software? Also, the introduction of new IT-solutions may necessitate staff training. Hence, we are offering a complete programme of different training courses ranging from basic SAP training to SAP- and BP training for operators and technical firms.