On which projects and for which companies have the persons we employ already worked for?

“For us it is not only important to know, which projects Mas-Da-Con staff have already participated in, but also the know-how they would have gained  in the process. Because their expertise is an asset in the practical application at Mas-Da-Con.

In the past, the members of staff at Mas-Da-Con have worked together with medium-sized and large companies on national and international projects. Below you will find some examples, which we have made anonymous for the protection of our customers.

Project example A – national, focus „Banking Platform“

In a current project, one of Mas-Da-Con’s members of staff is working on a project with a major bank in Germany, where an SAP-banking platform is being introduced to replace various old systems while observing an SOA compliant to-be architecture. In the various phases of the project, the following areas were important from Mas-Da-Con’s point of view:

  • Feasibility study: carrying out a Gaap-analysis in order to deduce a to-be architecture including an implementation or migration strategy
  • Project planning:  developing a detailed project plan from the to-be architecture and itemisation of concepts
  • Project execution: detailed analysis and development of the detailed design and the realisation of subject areas

Project example B – international; focus „Banking Platform“

During the introduction of an SAP „Banking Platform“ at a major Australian bank, one of Mas-Da-Con’s staff was responsible as a solution architect for the functional design of the SAP business partners. Next to the consideration of bank specific requirements this also comprised the observation of requirements arising from the Australian legislation. The business design also needed to observe that the introduction was not scheduled as a “big bang” but as a slave approach. Meaning the “new-partner model” had to be supplied by the “old system” via gateway for a prolonged period of time.

Project example C – national; focus „Sales Support“

At a large bank in Hamburg, one of our staff was responsible for developing an SAP-business partner solution within the sales activity framework. The company supplied the target architecture for the sectors ATMs, cash point applications, web-banking and business partners in a complex environment.

Project example D – international, „CRM-GP Implementation“

For a large bank in South Africa, one of our staff has been employed in the assessment of an existing CRM-GP implementation.  In detail, he was responsible for assessing the existing systems with regards to an alignment to a service-oriented architecture, to improve the quality of the existing solution design and coherent roadmap. Concluding, he also assessed whether the upgradeability from CRM 5 to CRM 7 was feasible.

Project example E – international, focus „Banking“

For a Swiss cantonal bank, a Mas-Da-Con member of staff developed a solution for the supply of automatic teller machines with coins, notes and foreign currency –  on the basis of SAP MM, SD and the business partners. The project harbours individual processes from the mapping of points of delivery, order authorisation to the deposit of account details on product level (on the basis of standing instructions within the SAP business partner).

In the past few years, members of our staff have also been employed in projects from non-banking customers, e.g. one of Germany’s biggest health insurance. There he was responsible for the support and advancement of a gateway to connect the SAP-claim management with the existing old systems.

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